Bijoux basket (XS) purple


Traditional hand woven purple African mini bijoux basket

This lovely purple baby bijoux basket is a real treasure and can be used for various purposes.
For example to keep your jewelry or just for decoration. Or maybe in your kitchen to keep garlic or ginger.
As there are many different colours and sizes to choose from, there is always one (or 2!) that will please you.

Tip: Great as a gift together with a scented Moroccan cube, which you can find here.

Measurements: approx. 8 x 9 cm (including lid)

All baskets are handmade and sizes may vary slightly.

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Traditional hand woven small purple mini bijoux basket with lid
This small basket comes with a flat lid

Measurements: approx. 8 x 9 cm

Made of local grasses and purple recycled plastic strips by a women’s collective in Senegal


Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 cm

1 pc, 2 pcs

Type of lid

flat lid, pointed lid, mix