Binga basket – M04 31cm


Binga baskets are a great way to bring some traditional African craft and atmosphere into your home. Mix different sizes and hang them grouped on your wall for a beautiful, natural eye-catcher. Also beautiful as a decorative basket on your coffee table. Or use a large basket as a fruit bowl in your living room for your magazines. The possibilities are endless.

Size: diameter 31 cm – height 5 cm
Colours: brown + beige
Made in: Zimbabwe

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These beautiful handmade Binga wall baskets are a traditional fair trade product from Zimbabwe. The Binga baskets (also called Tonga baskets) are made from a variety of natural and locally harvested materials, using palm leaves from the Ilala palm as a base, and are dyed with tree bark. To make such a basket is a labour-intensive process. To produce an average basket takes about two weeks.

Wall hang
You can hang the Binga baskets easily on the wall with a small nail that you fix through the weaving pattern in the wall. This way, the baskets hang neatly against the wall and the nail disappears into the weaving pattern.