Storage pot


Storage pot with lid

Unique piece of Calabash Art, a handcrafted storage pot with lid expertly handmade by the talented Gambian artist, Sering Ndow.

One side of the container shows a black & white bird and the other a lovely swan.
Renowned for his artistry, Sering Ndow skillfully transformed a dried calabash gourds into this beautiful storage pot. The container preserves the natural hue of the calabash, enhanced with a delicate layer of varnish to accentuate its inherent beauty.

This is a unique and one-off piece of African art.

Measurements: diameter 18 cm – height 20 cm

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Unique calabash storage pot with lid.
Handmade African Calabash Art from Sering Ndow, The Gambia – West Africa
Dried gourds/calabash were traditionally used as a bowl for food or for storing water and even musical instruments.
Nowadays, African craftsmen use calabash to craft to make beautiful works of art like birdhouses, candle lights, lamp shades etc.