Bogolan Black & White II


  • 100% cotton
  • completely made by hand
  • hand spun cotton, hand woven and hand painted in a black and white pattern
  • approximately 100 cm x 175 cm

This Bogolan mud cloth can be used as a throw or for example as a table cloth or wall hanging.
The short ends of this cloth are unfinished.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, designs and sizes may slightly vary.

Hand wash in cool water and air dry.

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Bogolan (bogolanfini) African mudcloth is a traditional fabric from Mali

The cotton is usually grown on small farms using simple and labour intensive methods.
After the weaving, mainly by use of hand looms, the strips of about 15 cm are stitched together into a whole cloth.
The cloth is soaked in a bath of dye made from tree leaves. After drying in the sun the cloth is then painted with mud in various designs and colours by using sticks.
This mud is collected from the river Niger during dry season and fermented in a clay jar for up to a year.

Both the patterns and the colours used have a symbolic meaning,