Scent cubes – Mix & Match


Moroccan scent cubes – Mix & Match

Wonderfully scented Moroccan solid amber fragrance cubes Mix & Match.
Simply can’t choose from the different scents we have?
Then choose your own set from the scents from our range.

Choose your set in the dropdown below. At the check-out you can leave a note with your choice of fragrances.
Available fragrances:
♥ Patchouli                                ♥ Green Jasmine
♥ Lavender                                ♥ White Jasmine
♥ Amber Mix                              ♥ Vanilla
♥ Black Musk                             ♥ Soft Orange
♥ White Musk                            ♥ White Musk / Vanilla
♥ Rose

See below for detailed information on how to use the amber cubes.

Moroccan amber scent cubes – Mix & Match
Traditionally handmade amber solid fragrance cubes from Morocco.
Ingredients: Musk ambrette, vanillin, rose powder and essential oil.

How to use:
You can use an amber scent cube anywhere in your home.
– in your wardrobe
– on a nice bowl
– in a wax burner
– in the car (keep out of the sun)
– as a body perfume by rubbing the cube on your skin
– aromatherapy

An amber scent cube keeps smelling for a long time but the scent will fade after a while. Just scrape some of it off and the scent returns. You can still use the shavings in your hoover or in a wax burner.
You can find a mini amber block grater in the shop here.
Or choose one of these colourful African cotton gift bags.

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